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Aqua® The patent pending, fish detection, alerting & tracking system.

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AnglerVision Aqua® patent pending

DayMaker release, Summer 2024

AnglerVision Aqua® is a complete fish detection, recognition, and alerting system

  • Live video of your spread, baits, teasers, or open ocean.
  • Aqua® will detect and alert on the presence of game fish.
  • Aqua® eliminates the need to have eyes on your spread, dredges or teasers and will detect fish that you can't see from the boat.
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Aqua® Pre-Launch Exclusive

The response for AnglerVision® Aqua® demos has been significant. we are asking that you please register by clicking the link below in order for us to include you in our Pre-Launch Demo. Thank you for your interest and understanding.

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Aqua® .9 release (current release)

.9 is the current Aqua® release and is currently being extensively tested. What has been done to date is efficacy testing for detection and tracking accuracy. This extensive testing continues as we add different environmental situations to widen out the test data and really challenge Aqua®'s capabilities. We are releasing this news along with scheduling a demo because of the success we have experienced in this release.

The current Aqua® .9 release features::

  • Aqua® .9 can be deployed in any trolling situation. Attached to a dredge, a single teaser or bait, or naked.
  • The current capability includes detecting, alerting, and tracking fish which enter the Aqua® .9 FOV (field of view).
  • The .9 app allows for connecting different cameras, receiving live video, recording and playback of events.
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Aqua® 1.0 The DayMaker release

The DayMaker release is our Aqua® version 1.0 which is scheduled for production release in the Summer 2024. The major event powering this initial production and commercial release is the finalizing of the production hardware. These outcomes include the production AnglerVision® camera, the deployment mechanism, the touchscreen and the system hardware. The DayMaker release will be the the initial commerically available production release which can be order via the AnglerVision® website.

The DayMaker release will highlight:

  • Complete AnglerVision Aqua® system including optional deployment apparatus
  • Refined 360 degree (omni-directional) detection and tracking capabilities
  • Identification, Size & Weight of tracked fish
  • Auto playback of detection events, including precise coordinates, with video in video mode
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Aqua® 2.0 release

Significant features are planned for the Aqua® 2.0 release stage with some of these capabilities currently under development. Although we will not discuss these items in detail as many of these enhancements will require us to properly file additional patent applications as we move toward and through the Aqua® 2.0 release phase.

Our roadmap for the Aqua® 2.0 release phase will include benefits to fisherman in the following areas:

  • Improved camera capability, we have something mind-blowing cooking, which will be another game changer
  • We are spending considerable energy on improving fisherman time to identify and land quality fish.
  • We are working to reduce the cost of entry for the Aqua® system which we believe is attainable
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Aqua® 3.0 release

The Aqua® 3.0 release consists of never before seen capabilities. Many of which we are unsure are possible. We will not list these specific ideas here as there are patent implications but what we can say is that the 3.0 release mission is to bring together all of the technology developed in the prior releases with the other innovative products on our technology roadmap to continue to raise the bar for fisherman.

Our singlular focus is on driving consistently more effective outcomes for fisherman and we will do this in the following areas:

  • Reduced time to effective target species location
  • Improved tactical accuracy and speed to species acquisition
  • Dramatic improvement in tournament fishing effectiveness
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what people are asking us.....

Aqua® is a sportfisherman's dream. A fish detection and tracking system designed to give you eyes on your spread and detect, alert and track fish which were previously undetectable by traditional human or electronic capabilities.

It works amazingly well!. :)
Essentially, we have developed advanced artificial intelligence to detect game fish in the spread. We deploy a camera and connect it to the AnglerVision system where you have eyes on a touchscreen which detects, alerts, and tracks the fish you want to know about.

The AnglerVision Aqua® DayMaker release version 1.0 will be available to ship in the Summer of 2024.
If you have a specific situation where you want us to integrate this technology for you immediately, please reach out via our Contact Form and we will discuss your specific situation.

Aqua® enables the ability to monitor your spread continually and eliminate the need for dedicated crewmen watching dredges, teasers or the spread in general. It also removes human error and Aqua® never goes to the head.
Additionally, those fish which engage aggressively in the spread or turn on behind your dredge will be seen by the crew and although those videos we have of Aqua® detecting, alerting and tracking those fish is cool and valuable, the significantly more measureable value is realized when Aqua® detects and alerts you of the presence a fish you can't see from the boat. That fish that you raised but didn't engage your teasers or baits. That fish that comes up and then peels off or drops back. It's this fish that gives you options to adjust tactics, make bait or teaser adjustments, move back over the area quickly, or take other strategic action. None of this was possible before Aqua® because you had no idea that fish was there.

We are not taking pre-orders at this time. We have received requests for such a capability and are evaluating pre-ordering. Please subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on instagram @AnglerVision and we will let you know when we begin accepting pre-orders.

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